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The Success by 6 program is a pre-kindergarten program that runs from June through July. In the summer of 2022, the program was offered in Oil City and Valley Grove, with two classes in each district. The program helps introduce students who are selected by the district to an educational environment and curriculum. On average, in 2022, students increased their test scores by 20% by the end of the program.

Success by 6 is fully funded by United Way, which makes participation free to all families.

  • In-classroom learning within the child’s school district
  • 6-week summer program
  • Taught by certified teachers
  • Transportation and meals are provided
  • Student/Teach ratio: 10/1

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More Information

The Success By 6 program is a 6-week learning opportunity for preselected children entering into Kindergarten. Children increase their proficiency in reading, math, language, social, and fine motor skills by participating in classroom style lessons taught by certified teachers. The program allows students to become familiar with the school learning environment, and classroom structure, to better prepare them for their upcoming kindergarten year.

Studies show that the brain develops rapidly at an early age, and hours spent learning now are more powerful than months of learning in middle age. Children who participate in quality early education programs are more likely to graduate high school, mature into responsible adults, and to be married with higher educational attainment, and better jobs.