2022 Year End Community Impact Stats

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925 children and youth, age 0-20, with educational programming opportunities

242 out of 274 children or 88% tested were developmentally ready for kindergarten

64 out of 78 parents or 82% followed up on referrals

342 out of 509 children or 67% demonstrated improved grades

323 out of 631 children or 51% improved school attendance and avoided truancy

9 out of 9 youth or 100% who graduated prepared from workforce and/or to seek more education/training

2 out of 2 youth or 100% who graduated are enrolled in further study or the military


128 out of 382 individuals or 33% sought support when needed through groups/drop-in centers

1,036 out of 1,070 individuals or 96% received quality care in the least restrictive environment

239 out of 410 or 58% avoided out-of-home placement through home and community supports/personal care

1,952 out of 2,389 individuals or 82% reduced their rate of hospitalization for mental or physical reasons

1,095 out of 1,642 individuals or 66% were able to maintain quality health insurance

2,637 individuals reported an improvement in their health and safety status

423 out of 811 or 52% set and achieved fitness and/or health goals


586 individuals were prepared for employment and/or to improve their employment status

15 individuals sought higher education and/or enrolled in job training

576 individuals maintained or obtained employment

499 individuals improved their financial management skills

2,549 individuals made appropriate use of federal/state/local programs (only 4th quarter to avoid duplication) Year end total: 18,255 individuals

100 out of 315 individuals or 32% improved their housing status

98 out of 98 individuals or 100% were provided safe short-term, temporary resolution to a housing crisis

2,565 individuals were able to secure and maintain permanent, safe, affordable housing with or without supports