• Milk Drives
    • 10,640 individuals / families were provided with dairy products.
  • Learning Hubs
    • 1,200 hours of educational assistance was provided to students on a hybrid or remote learning schedule.
  • Financial Assistance
    • Venango County individuals were provided with one-time financial assistance.
  • Relief Fund for Agencies
    • $197,545 was provided to agencies to supplement funding issues, PPE products, and more.
  • Holiday Dinner Giveaway
    • 2,400 households were provided with hams, and other items, for a holiday meal.
  • Free Masks and Sanitizer
    • Small businesses, first responders, students, and non-profits were supplied with over 4,000 face masks and over 3,000 bottles of hand sanitizer.
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Incentive Program
    • 645 COVID-19 vaccines were given to Venango County individuals, all of which received an incentive of a $10 gift card.
  • Free at-home COVID-19 tests
    • Provided the community with 7,000 at-home COVID-19 tests.
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