United Way Campaign

Venango County, PA– The United Way of Venango County ‘s Executive Director, Will Price, announced earlier this week that the agency exceeded the Annual Impact Campaign goal of $530,000. United Way of Venango County raised $602,836 to better the lives our residents right here in Venango County
“This year’s campaign will continue to help the lives of a vast amount of Venango County residents.” Executive Director, Will Price said. “A huge ‘Thank You’ to everyone who made a donation or ran an internal campaign at their business or workplace. We are also thankful for our amazing volunteers and board members and their tireless efforts to support the campaign.”

The campaign received strong support in a combination of individual gifts, community fundraisers and corporate donations on the way to reaching its goal.
Price said United Way helps more than 13,000 Venango County residents – more than 1/4 of the County’s population by distributing funding to 23 local programs hosted through local organizations. The United Way also has 11 internal programs that are all working to reduce the number of residents struggling to meet their Health, Education, and Income needs by 2025.

“We are blessed with the generosity and concern of so many that allows us to continue to see growth year after year,” said Price. “United Way is able to invest in programs and services to help children achieve their potential, improve community health, and assist individuals and families to become financially independent.”

United Way’s Education Impact Area, was able to help.
1,712 children and youth, age 0-20, with educational programming opportunities
632 out of 732 children or 86.3% tested were developmentally ready for kindergarten
45 out of 62 parents or 72.5% followed up on referrals
762 out of 914 children or 83% demonstrated improved grades
United Way’s Income impact area, United Way was able help:
13 out of 54 individuals or 25% sought higher education and/or enrolled in job training
745 individuals maintained or obtained employment
555 individuals improved their financial management skills
Health Impact area, United Way was able help:
1,053 out of 1,064 individuals of 98.8% received quality care in a least restrictive environment
305 out of 320 or 95% avoided out-of-home placement through home and community supports/personal care
1,420 out of 1,527 individuals or 92% reduced their rate of hospitalization for mental or physical reasons
215 out of 232 individuals or 92% learned and demonstrate healthy eating habits
4,663 out of 5,848 or 79% set and achieved fitness and/or health goals

“Volunteers play such an important role in creating impact,” shared Erin Hanna, UWVC Board President . “Sharing their expertise and time not only saves our nonprofits valuable resources, but demonstrates the caring heart of the community in action.”

“It means everything for our community,” said Erin Hanna. “Our campaign makes a difference in critical services. We’re extremely grateful for where we are and it means we get to continue the great work that we do.”

“Honestly, today’s number was a surprise. We didn’t think we’d get past our goal just given the circumstances,” said Campaign Co-Chairs Ashley Nichols and Laura Ordez . “We’re still feeling the effects of COVID in the job market. For us to reach this number this year is an accomplishment that says more about Venango County than anything else.”